Islands Events
From our famous annual Holiday Boat Parades, which show off the amazing Christmas lights on homes throughout The Islands, The Islands residents enjoy dozens of social events, including the very popular Easter Egg Hunt, where tens of thousands of Easter eggs are searched for in The Islands park.
Our Concerts In The Park, Movie Nights, special events for The Islands children, along with weekday communities in our clubhouse, provides for a friendly community environment, second to none in the area.
The picturesque Islands found is the scene for many memorable wedding and other photoshoots, while the Islands park hosts local sports teams, basketball, botchi , horseshoe, and other recreational courts by the waterside.
The Islands community clubhouse is available for event rental at 480.545.7740 ( First Service Residential ).
The Islands Annual Cool Cars event brings in some of the finest cars and food trucks in the area to our Islands park.
The Islands Community Park
The Islansds party is open for resident's private and community events, year around, with gazebos, bbq stations, seating, and catch & release fishing.
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